Papers in international journals

  1. F. Venhuizen, B. van Ginneken, B. Liefers, F. van Asten, V. Schreur, S. Fauser, C. Hoyng, T. Theelen and C. Sánchez, "A Deep Learning Approach for Detection and Quantification of Intraretinal Cystoid Fluid in Multivendor Optical Coherence Tomography", Biomedical Optics Express, 2018;9(4):1545-1569.
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  2. J. Melendez, L. Hogeweg, C. Sánchez, R. Philipsen, R. Aldridge, A. Hayward, I. Abubakar, B. van Ginneken and A. Story, "Accuracy of an automated system for tuberculosis detection on chest radiographs in high-risk screening", International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, 2018;22(5):567-571.
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Papers in conference proceedings

  1. C. González-Gonzalo, B. Liefers, B. van Ginneken and C. Sánchez, "Improving weakly-supervised lesion localization with iterative saliency map refinement", Medical Imaging with Deep Learning, 2018.
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