Retinal image analysis to detect and quantify lesions associated with diabetic retinopathy

C. Sánchez, R. Hornero, M. López and J. Poza

Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society 2004;3:1624-1627.

DOI PMID Cited by ~116

An automatic method to detect hard exudates, a lesion associated with diabetic retinopathy, is proposed. The algorithm found on their color, using a statistical classification, and their sharp edges, applying an edge detector, to localize them. A sensitivity of 79.62\% with a mean number of 3 false positives per image is obtained in a database of 20 retinal image with variable color, brightness and quality. In that way, we evaluate the robustness of the method in order to make adequate to a clinical environment. Further efforts will be done to improve its performance.